SOS Interiors is a professional organizing and interior styling company, whose goal is to simplify your life one square space at time. Tanya Stone is the founder and designer of SOS Interiors. She is extremely passionate about everything she loves, including her family, friends and career. She has worked in fashion and television, and comes from a bloodline of perfectionists, who have influenced her in many ways. After organizing the homes and offices of family members, friends, and associates, it became a "no-brainer" for her career to take the direction it did. When Tanya began to realize the positive effects her methods had on the quality of life of those she was helping, SOS Interiors quickly grew into the premier organizing and interior design company it is today.





“Did I always aspire to be a professional organizer? Umm… no! I once was a teenage girl after all. Was I good at it from day one? Yes, but I was too busy being a know it all to care. Did I choose to be the type A, crazy OCD, alter ego of Monica Gellar? Nope. I was born this way, and as soon as I embraced it, my life changed for the better. I can alphabetically list all the reasons why helping you organize your life and space will be so beneficial, but who has time for that? My goal is to simplify and beautify your home one square space at a time.”

- Tanya Stone